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Didsbury campground water, wastewater connection funding increased

Council approved the connection of the Rosebud Valley Campground washroom sewage tank to the Valarosa lift station forcemain earlier this year

DIDSBURY - Council has approved an additional $20,000 for the supply and installation of pumps, controls, interlocks and landscape rehabilitations and installation of forcemain -- a pipeline that conveys wastewater under pressure -- for the Rosebud Valley Campground.

The move came by way of motion at the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

In March council approved the connection of the campground washroom sewage tank to the Valarosa lift station forcemain.

“Initial estimates for the connection were based on quotes obtained pre-COVID,” Ethan Gorner, the town's chief administrative officer, said in a briefing note to council. “When the project was presented to council, some adjustments were made to account for increased costs. Through this process we have become aware of additional factors with connecting to the Valarosa system and the complications of cross a high pressure gas line. 

“The size of the pump, operating conditions and the required construction method have proven to be costly.”

Currently the effluent from the campground is collected in an underground tank, he said, noting the tank is emptied approximately six times per month during the summer season, with a budget of $14,000 in 2022.

“To eliminate the ongoing operating cost, it has been planned for several years to connect to the new Valarosa lift station forcemain,” he said.

The additional funding for the project will come from the campground reserve and from general revenue. 

Deputy mayor Curt Engel chaired the Sept. 13 council meeting.

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