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Town of Bowden sets policing priorities

The Town of Bowden's policing priorities have remained much the same over the years
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BOWDEN — Town council has set its policing priorities. 

They’re police visibility, crime reduction and traffic safety. 

Mayor Robb Stuart made that announcement during an interview with the Albertan. 

He said basically, the town’s policing priorities have remained much the same over the years, but still, council sets them annually at the request of Olds RCMP commanding officer Staff Sgt. Warren Wright. 

“We’re always happy. The police visibility in town is excellent for the area and you know, the percentage that we have,” Stuart said. 

“Some of the residents think that we should get more police presence but I think they do a really good job.” 

During a Jan. 25 town hall meeting on crime at the Bowden Friendship Club, some people said RCMP aren’t around often enough in the community and by the time they do arrive, criminals have already left the area, if not the town as a whole. 

“I know they (Olds RCMP) do the best they can, that’s the big thing,” Stuart said. “They’re not going to be sitting around the town of Bowden waiting for a call” 

He said he can understand how difficult it would be for police to respond in minutes to a call if they’re far away in the policing area responding to an earlier call. 

"Most of ours are just break-and-enters or we see some vandalism or something,” he said. 

Stuart noted that the town currently pays for 10 hours a month of peace officer service from Red Deer County. He said they may pay for more “if they have the manpower to give us more.” 


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