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Visit Karen Scarlett During this Year’s Open Studio Tour

Artist Karen Scarlett, whose studio is located in the historic Dr. George Kemp House, is excited to be part of the upcoming Red Deer Arts Council, Open Studio - Self Guided Tour. This event takes place on September 9 and 10 from 10 am - 4 pm.

“The Open Studio Tour is a fascinating opportunity for the public to peek into the creative process of some of their favourite local artists. How the perfect scarf is created, a necklace of glass beads, or a painting that looks like it’s come to life. Discovering artists at work in their studios is like learning how the magic is done, but even better for the skill, talent, creativity, and passion being made in front of your eyes,” says Suzanne Hermary, Executive Director for the Red Deer Arts Council.

Scarlett, whose works have been enjoyed by the public and by her clients for many years, joined the Red Deer Arts Council in 2022. Karen’s Grandmother, an artist and founding member of the Innisfail Art Council, along with her parents, have been big influences on her journey.

“I have always been an artist,” says Scarlett. My grandparents were a big inspiration and my mom and dad were very creative too. I’ve always made and created.”

Going professional as an artist, however, took a gentle nudge from her partner, Doug.

“Early in our relationship, we were watching a movie. I was painting. He said, ‘how can you do that so easily… why don’t you do that for a living?’ He said he would take care of us so I could focus on becoming an artist.”

Scarlett was grateful for the opportunity and so are the many people who have viewed, purchase, and enjoy her art.

During the tour, guests can enjoy 30% off of Scarlett’s fine art. She will also have for sale coloring books, decks of playing cards, jewelry, and other items she has created.

“Living creatively, always having ideas and being able to execute them is what I love the most about my life as an artist,” she smiles. “However, I do have to try to not spread myself too thin. I’m a ‘yes’ person so it’s hard to say ‘no’ to opportunities!”

Scarlett extends her gratitude to those who have supported her on this journey. “I have so many thank yous to share. I didn’t go to art school, but design school, which has been very helpful in many aspects of my career. For the most part, I am not self-taught because I learned from so many people and places. My grandmother tried everything and really had a no-fear attitude. From her, I learned to not be afraid of being creative. My mother was a person that followed the rules and followed patterns. From her I learned to be disciplined. My father was about figuring it out as he went. That inspires flexibility to learn on the go. And I wouldn’t have this career if Doug had not pushed me to go for it. My amazing cheerleaders include my sister Bev. I am surrounded by all kinds of great friends and people I have connected with, in my community. I owe them all a huge thank you!.”

Be sure to checkout the tour, meet Karen Scarlett in person, and see why she was named one of Calgary’s Top 40 under 40. Take a look at some of her murals. Karen’s work is beautiful and inspiring and she has something for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about Karen Scarlett, the artist, online.


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