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Gift your child French language and culture at Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord's Francophone schools in Alberta

SPONSORED CONTENT – Here’s how the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord’s schools benefits your child’s future opportunities with dual-language proficiency

In Alberta, the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord (CSCN) provides French as a first language educational experience, blending academic excellence and transmission of Francophone  culture.

This Francophone school board uniquely serves French-speaking parents and their children, offering an enriching pathway from the earliest years of schooling.

Embracing french language and culture

The CSCN is dedicated to more than just language instruction; it instills a deep-seated appreciation and understanding of French culture among its students.

"Our aim is to weave the French language and culture into the everyday experiences of our students," says Laura Devaney, Director of Corporate Affairs at CSCN.

The school organizes hundreds of culturally enriching activities annually, such as a cardboard boat regatta in Wainwright and a treasure hunt in St-Albert, helping students develop a lasting affinity for the French language and culture.

Bilingual proficiency and academic advantages


CSCN schools offer instruction in French as a first language, with English introduced by the third grade. This approach allows its students to develop fluency in both official languages, providing students with broader educational and career opportunities in the future.

"Mastery of both French and English opens numerous doors for our students, from higher education to diverse career paths," Devaney says.

The bilingual capability is a significant advantage in the global job market, setting CSCN students apart from their monolingual peers.

Commitment to early comprehensive education

The board’s full-day kindergarten programs are particularly beneficial for children who come from Francophone families, but may not speak French at home, helping them integrate and excel alongside their Francophone peers. Early introduction to French supports better language acquisition and sets a solid foundation for continuous educational success.

Community integration and parental involvement

The CSCN actively involves parents and the wider community in its educational approach. Through partnerships with local Francophone associations and by supporting community events, CSCN strengthens the ties between the school and the community, enhancing the learning environment and reinforcing the French cultural experience outside the classroom.

Expansion and accessibility


Looking to the future, CSCN is expanding its reach and accessibility.

"By August 2024, we will operate 21 schools across a large territory in Alberta, with schools in Edmonton and surrounding areas Camrose, Fort McMurray, Jasper, Legal, Lloydminster, Red Deer and Wainwright," Devaney says.

This expansion is part of the CSCN's efforts to offer Francophone education in Alberta to eligible students, ensuring those who have the right to a Francophone education have the opportunity to benefit from its programs.

Looking ahead

With its robust framework for bilingual education and cultural activities, CSCN is poised to continue its mission of nurturing well-rounded, bilingual individuals who are prepared for the complexities of a global society. The school board's growth underscores its success in meeting the needs of its communities and enriching the educational landscape of Alberta.

For parents considering this educational path, CSCN represents a significant opportunity to invest in their children’s future, providing them with the linguistic tools and cultural knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime.

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Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord (CSCN) offers a robust French-first language education in Alberta, enriching students with deep cultural understanding and bilingual proficiency, preparing them for diverse educational and career opportunities in a globalized world.

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