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Letter: What decisions do we really trust politicians to make?

"I’ve condemned our politicians, liberals and conservatives, for spending untold billions of public money on propping up banks, airline companies, foreign companies," says letter writer

Re: Letter: Perhaps government apathy is the cause

I disagree with the author’s premise in the letter. What we see is a deliberate plan of action by our politicians to support “private business interest” at the expense of our public services. Why? Because there is money to be made in the private sector. 

Do our politicians ever mention the downside to private health care, or mention that 60 per cent of all bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills? Do they mention the dismal state of private nursing homes in America? 

Or do they mention the medical scandals that “rock” the private health-care industry in America on a regular basis? Do they mention the “sticker shocks” to peoples’ medical bills, such as for ambulance services, despite having medical insurance policies? 

No, I haven’t written any books, but I did contemplate writing one about all my mistakes, but the publishers told me that my book would take several centuries to complete. However, I have written numerous times on various issues to the editor of the local newspaper and to several politicians (such as) Nathan Cooper, Kevin Sorenson, Damien Kurek and Earl Dreeshen.

I’ve condemned our politicians, liberals and conservatives, for spending untold billions of public money on propping up banks, airline companies, foreign companies, VW building electric batteries for electric cars in Ontario, and on over-priced military equipment, F-35s and Abram tanks from the U.S., or on the generous tax cuts and sneaky tax loopholes they have given to billionaires, millionaires, and corporations.

Does our government publish a quarterly financial report on the Heritage Trust Fund? How does it compare to trust funds in Alaska and in Norway? 

How much money is spent every year supporting charter schools and private schools? When did Albertans voice their opinions on such matters through referendums? 

Did our premier mention the high cost of funding separate police agencies, municipal and provincial? Or the cost of implementing a separate pension fund ? Do we trust a government that usurped the teachers’ pension fund? 

Do we trust politicians to make medical decisions, such as with COVID-19, or do we trust our medical and science professions? Do we trust a government which goes behind our backs to make “sweetheart deals” with mining companies? Do we trust politicians who tells us to stay home, during the COVID-19 crisis, while they go off on vacations to other places? 

I get angry because it seems to me that too many of our politicians are more interested in getting elected and in supporting private interests than in the welfare of ordinary people, in the welfare of our health-care system, in the welfare of our environment, and in welfare of our younger generation (The Older I Get by Alan Jackson).

George Thatcher,


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