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Letter: Supporting parental rights

"I really don’t like the idea of or libraries letting drag queens read stories to our young and very impressionable children."

I’m very much in support of our premier Danielle Smith’s support of parental rights and establishing policies for preventing any youth transgender manipulation is bang on. 

I'm sure the doctors that are opposed are more likely concerned about their potential income loss from gender manipulation with hormone treatments and surgeries than they are really concerned about a child's gender needs or their mental health.

There is no way any youth experiencing the normal hormone changes that occur during their development can accurately decide what their potential gender should be other than what they were given at their conception.  

And who knows what effects of their environment and food that is full of hormone like substances, which are present from modern agriculture practices  can have on their physiology?

 There are less than four per cent trans children according to STATS CANADA.  Something less than 13 per cent if we include older teens and young adults and only 0.6 per cent of children experience gender dysphoria. And 10-15 per cent of the treatment for this are failures.

It just takes time for what is appropriate sexually for each child to evolve and  reach hormonal maturity and they should not be pushed with hormonal treatments like puberty blockers and definitely not by social media manipulation by those pushing the recognition for 2SLGBTQ+ community. 

It’s fine that they finally came out of the closet but now they want centre stage as well with their Pride parades and demonstrations.

While it's absolutely proper to give them equal acceptance and opportunity I don't think it's in the best interests of the rest of our society to let them have centre stage and lead our life's show like they want to, and to potentially cause harm to innocent children by flogging their ideas and apparent need for recognition upon these confused immature members of our society.

I really don’t like the idea of or libraries letting drag queens read stories  to our young and very impressionable children. 

And this isn’t because I’m anti-queer. I’ve had and have many friends and colleagues who are gay and I’m very accepting of their life choice and treat them as equals. 

One such friend who just got out of an abusive relationship made it very clear to me when he said “Do you think I’d live this way if I had a choice?” 

Another gay colleague who I got along with invited me and my wife to an all gay/trans party he and his partner were hosting. We were the only straight couple there and we had a good time. 

He was completely comfortable at being the wife of the couple and showed us their bedroom. His partner had the ceiling painted with the stars as they were in the sky on the night my colleague was born. 

Now I don’t care what you say love doesn’t get any better than that.

Yes we all need to be more accepting of others' differences regarding gender identity. However, we also need to be protective of our very vulnerable children and youth enabling them time to fully develop sexually without inappropriate influences and medical treatments.

What’s critical here is what the best for our youth and their development; not what best for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. 


- Darrel Florence, Cremona

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