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Letter: Some questions with MP Dreeshen's summer update

Letter writer hopes "Liberals just do not care who they hurt," comment from MP is avoided in the future

We all received the Summer 2023 update from our Member of Parliament Earl Dreeshan. It is a very good thing that he regularly communicates with his constituents. We are in a time of polarized and divisive politics. 

This is mostly caused by making use of personal attacks and the misquoting of facts. When it occurs from anyone I feel that this is not helpful to our understanding of the issues. 

In his newsletter Mr. Dreeshan says that he disagrees with the environment minister and that “. . .  the Liberals just do not care who they hurt.” 

Many would disagree with things that the Liberals do. But I feel that this kind of attack doesn’t speak to the issue and is not helpful. 

He also says that “We produce the cleanest oil and gas in the world.” It is generally reported that Alberta's oilsands bitumen has a relatively high carbon intensity per barrel. 

Also that tar sands extraction emits up to three times more pollution than producing the same quantity of conventional crude. 

And that this extraction depletes and pollutes freshwater resources and creates giant ponds of toxic waste. 

I appreciate in general that our MP communicates with us. I hope, however, in future that he will avoid commentary such as this. 

Ross Dabrusin,


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