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Letter: Senior wonders how she'll pay for increasing Olds taxes

Reader says Olds Coffee with Council was a colossal waste of time and gas for her vehicle

I attended the May 23 Olds Coffee with Council "Have your say and improve our community."

What a colossal waste of time and gas for my vehicle at the Royal Canadian Legion #105.

Two councillors were present at first: Coun. Heather Ryan and Coun. James Cummings. I simply stated it was time that this increase in taxes stop. Both of them said it was not going to stop.

I am an 81 year-old senior living alone and on a fixed income. Two-plus cheques of my old age pension will have to be spent on a 19 per cent increase on my taxes. 

If the increase is not going to stop, what will I be looking toward next year? The only solution will be to get a job. Question is, who is going to hire an 81 year-old senior?

There was never any indication from the Town of Olds that taxes would be increased. What a wonderful surprise the taxpayers got when getting our tax notice. We could not try and budget for the increase.

I realize I am not the only one that wonders where I am going to get the money to pay these taxes.

In short, "How to improve our economy": perhaps it is time to clean house. Get rid of all the flowers, allow a ward system to come into play and put the people of Olds in charge of the their town.

Since I have no more funds to pay for interest -- which will come into play June 30 -- I will pay the taxes.

If, as indicated by the two councillors noted above, the increase is not going to to stop, taxpayers ask yourselves:

• What am I getting for this tax increase?

• Can I afford more?

• How can I give my family a decent standard of living?

• Can I afford a decent meal to put on the table for my family?

• If I have a mortgage, am I going to keep up the payments?

I say the ball is on your court.

P.S. Just a quick note to council: The people that put you there can just as easy take you out. Show some respect.

Pat Bekker,


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