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Letter: No more tax cuts to millionaires

Government should provide more money to seniors and to those folks at the bottom of the society who are barely surviving, says letter writer

Re: Prime Minister Trudeau defends himself against internal and external criticism, but announces no new housing measures.

Maybe our politicians should stop supporting private businesses with our tax money, and use that money instead to preserve our health-care system.

Provide more money to seniors (CPP and OAS) and to those folks at the bottom of the society who are barely surviving, such as on food banks and senior housing facilities. 

Stop supporting energy companies, stop supporting multi-billion dollar companies building plants in Canada, and stop funding the F-35 fighters, the costliest military weapons system in Canadian and U.S. military history. 

Plus, go after the main banks for providing such puny interests on saving account while charging high interest rates for loans and for credit card usage. 

How about going after grocery companies for shrinkage inflation? How about going after credit rating companies for encouraging consumers to obtain more credit cards and to obtain more loans?

No more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. No more generous tax loopholes to our super rich folks. 

Maybe we should go back to taxing the rich prior to the days of “the trickle down economic theories” (back to the 1950s and 1960s) that came about with the likes of President Ronald Reagan. 

Finally, punish those folks who dodge paying their fair share in taxes by diverting their money to offshore accounts (read the Panama Papers). 

George Thatcher,


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