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Letter: Fresh water more important, valuable than oil or gas or coal

Give people hope for an improved planet with a healthy lifestyle, says reader

Re: Letter to the editor headlined “We should protect farm land"

Yes, and all the non-farmable land as well especially the wetlands and the land around the headwaters of our river systems.

And more importantly go back to ecologically thoughtful agriculture as James Rebanks recommends in his books The Shepherd’s Life and Pastoral Song. Stop the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides. The result is healthy, non-toxic, organically-grown food sources.

We need to get our politicians and industry leaders off the growth economic model and continuous development and on to the sustainable economic model.

Don’t base our economy on increased population from immigration, but on the best use of all our resources in a sustainable environmental improving way. 

Give people hope for an improved planet with a healthy lifestyle. Stop all the negativity of threatening planet warming and focus on how to best deal with it. 

And net zero is not the answer or even attainable. Our wetlands are 60 per cent carbon storage so let’s start with improving and enlarging our wetlands.

Encourage our national animal the beaver to build more dams and expand their populations. Maybe such an approach may help reduce the mental issues of our youths and reduce their suicide attempts. 

Give them a positive focus and a more positive environment to live in as well as something to live for and stop media’s flaunting of all the negatives in our world. 

Stop the pollution of our fresh water by coal mines and tarsands extraction and learn the truths about them in John Valliant’s Fire Weather, that we live in a society where resource industries control our government and we need to change that. 

We need to ensure that the resource companies pay for and repair all the environmental damages they cause and stop them from polluting our water systems. 

We need to focus on the long-term future and how to improve it and not just be interested in lining our own pockets short term. 

Fresh, safe water is more important and valuable than oil or gas or coal or even money as it’s irreplaceable. 

We need to stop throwing away with fracking. Save the wetlands and you will also ultimately save the farmlands.

Darrel Florence,


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