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Letter: Developing a prevention a better approach to hatemongers

There needs to be some active education on the wrongness of hate motivated behaviours, says letter writer

Re: Commentary: Citizens can help fight hate

Well-meaning commentary but not as simple to implement as you make it appear. 

First, we need citizens that have been raised by responsible parents that gave them a sense of empathy, compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness and unbiased views of others and a strong sense of right and wrong, so they can recognize hate. Second, that they have a feeling of responsibility to society they live in and finally, that they have the courage to come forth to identify the hatemongers. 

All sounds straight forward but not an easy thing to accomplish. We have the capacity for this in our DNA as the Bonobos, a primate most closely related to humans, have shown us. They practise all these good behaviours as well as conflict resolution, as proven by Hans DeWaal’s years of observations of them. 

But such good behaviours -- even though they are in our genes -- have to be reinforced to ensure their expression. Not as simple as it might appear to be. 

There needs to be some active education on the wrongness of hate motivated behaviours, how to identify it and how to overcome it in our education systems as well. 

Much better use of the education system than the introduction of non-gender or gender neutral pronouns for children that are confused by their developing and changing hormone unbalance, because they have not reached sexual maturity, all enhanced by the LBGT+ crowds' not so subtle influencing. 

We cannot rely on any organizations that preach exclusivity of others in their beliefs to provide this understanding of hate and how to counteract it.

As I’ve said before, developing a prevention is a much better approach than applying the difficult cure.

Darrel Florence,


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