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Letter: Behind the usual cloak of invisibility

Letter writer has gotten tired of going to meetings where elected officials don’t offer solutions, just excuses

Re: Mountain View County councillor remains under code of conduct sanction

Ostracize, to exclude someone from a society or group, is an ancient Greek political process to exclude someone they generally disliked. It would seem continuing to sanction councillor (Gord) Krebs fits that profile. 

It might not sit well with them, but Krebs is the democratically elected representative for Division 4 and they are depriving those in that division of representation. Nigerian democracy?

Of course, the reasoning is hidden behind the usual cloak of invisibility. When it comes to issues like this we are told it is a privacy issue, the universal explanation for we don’t want to tell you what it’s about.

Krebs is a publicly elected official, has served his sentence, irregardless of why, he is entitled to the full privileges of his position and advocating for his constituents. 

In an environment where the inmates run the asylum and a councillor is not even allowed to discuss issues directly with the hired help, it’s tough to be a loose cannon who expects prompt results, but we need them to keep the mediocrities on their toes, in the end it’s not a popularity contest. 

I, for one, have gotten tired of going to meetings where our elected officials don’t offer solutions, just excuses. The recent meeting with some concerned county members experiencing a serious nuisance issue was a good example. Maybe it’s time to clean house?

Hans Ullmann,

Mountain View County

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