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Health problems men may face in middle age

The human body requires constant upkeep in order for people to maintain their health over the long haul.

An encouraging annual physical should inspire people to keep up the good work, while one that uncovers certain issues should spark changes designed to promote optimal health for years to come.

Men who work hard to keep themselves healthy should know that their hard work may not prevent certain issues. That’s especially so for men in middle age, as men’s risk for various conditions increases with age.

High blood pressure/hypertension

Blood vessels naturally become less flexible as the body ages. WebMD notes that this decreased flexibility puts pressure on the system responsible for carrying blood throughout the body. That’s one reason why high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is more common among aging adults. In fact, Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that even people who do not have hypertension by age 55 to 65 still have a 90 percent chance of developing it at some point. The Mayo Clinic reports that, until age 64, hypertension is more common in men, so middle-aged men should take steps to reduce their risk even if retirement is still a long way off. Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that shedding excess weight, reducing alcohol consumption, becoming more physically active, and reducing stress are just some of the ways adults can reduce their risk for hypertension.

Heart disease

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that a growing number of middle-aged Americans are dying from heart disease. Researchers at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics found that, between 2011 and 2017, the rate of deaths from heart disease for adults between the ages of 45 and 64 increased by 4 percent. The American Heart Association notes that a significant percentage of heart disease cases are linked to obesity, so men in middle age can make a concerted effort to lose weight if they’re already overweight or obese. Middle-aged men who are currently maintaining healthy weights can continue to do what they’re doing while also recognizing that they may need to alter their diets and exercise regimens in the years ahead.

Prostate problems

WebMD notes that the prostate begins to enlarge as men age. In fact, that process slowly begins around age 25. Enlargement of the prostate is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, and it’s entirely normal. However, around age 50, BPH can begin to produce some uncomfortable side effects. More frequent trips to the bathroom and difficulty with urination may begin around this time, and that’s a result of the prostate growing larger. Various organizations recommend men, beginning around age 40, start speaking to their physicians about their family history in regard to the prostate. Lifestyle changes like cutting back on caffeine and alcohol consumption may help reduce the side effects of an enlarging prostate by decreasing the number of times men must visit the toilet each day.
Men may have to confront various health issues in middle age. Many of these issues can be overcome or made less severe by implementing some simple strategies.

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