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Two solar eclipses coming to Alberta skies

Time to break out the solar eclipse viewing glasses - an annular eclipse will happen Oct. 14.
Albertans can view an annular solar eclipse (left) Oct. 14, 2023 and a partial eclipse (right) on April 8, 2024.

Albertans have the chance to see two partial solar eclipses in the coming months – the first on Oct. 14.  

According to the Canadian Space Agency, the moon will partially block the sun on Oct. 14 in what is known as an annual solar eclipse. The moon will pass between the sun and earth, but a a ring of the sun will remain visible during the eclipse.  

NASA’s website says on April 8, 2024 parts of Canada, the United States and Mexico will see a total solar eclipse, where the moon blocks out the sun entirely, creating a momentary night sky during the day. However, in Alberta it will only be a partial eclipse. Those wanting to see a total eclipse will have to travel to southern Ontario, southern Quebec or the maritime provinces. 

Viewing an eclipse requires a homemade projector or eyeglasses with lenses designed for watching an eclipse  

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