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Static tipping fees in regional waste commission's 2024 budget

Waste commission members, Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Carstairs, Cremona and Mountain View County are responsible for the area's only landfill
MVT stock Didsbury landfill
A truck passes over the scales at the Mountain View Regional Waste landfill north of Didsbury. File photo/MVP Staff

CARSTAIRS - The 2024 Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission (MVRMC) operating budget calls for landfill tipping fees to remain constant at $97 per tonne for municipal and commercial customers.

The budget was approved on Sept. 25 and came before Carstairs town council on Oct. 23. The commission is made up of municipal representatives from Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Carstairs, Cremona and Mountain View County.

The commission coordinates the management and disposal of solid waste in Mountain View County and urban centres abutting its boundaries. It operates the regional landfill site near Didsbury, as well as several transfer stations.

The commission’s 2024 budget also calls for the municipal fee for service of $11.46, down from $24.64 in 2023. Specifically, fees to operate are $6.53 per capita for transfer station, $1.98 recycling/diversion, and $2.95 for landfill.

“The biggest driver in the reduced fees is related to the commission’s decision to close the regional recycling centres in August 2023,” the report states. 

Tipping fees for raw metals is reduced to $50 per tonne, down 31 per cent from prior years as handling costs are partially covered by increased revenue of collected metals from processors.

The commission’s capital budget is $355,000, focused on capital renewal of operating equipment and facilitating a change in operating procedure to minimize leachate (contaminated liquid created by water percolating through a solid waste disposal site) and disposal fees.

“The commission’s financial stability is heavily dependent on the uncontracted commercial volumes,” the report states. “Despite the modest increase in tipping fees for 2023, commercial tonnage remained within historical range however over-pricing landfill services can quickly erode the commission’s strong financial position.”

The commission’s decision to suspend recycling services in August 2023 results in $157,900 in refunds to commission member communities.

Olds received $32,707, Sundre $9,490, Cremona $1,552, Didsbury $18,007, Carstairs $17,396, and Mountain View County $46,104.

Carstairs town council accepted the MVRMWC report as information.

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