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Daines rodeo cowboys in full glory rain or shine

63rd Annual Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo north of Innisfail attracts thousands of rodeo fans and more than 700 entries from all parts of North America

INNISFAIL – Friday night was just right weather-wise and then the rains came on Saturday.

No problem. The stands were still packed at the Daines Ranch and the cowboys and cowgirls continued to put on a great show.

The 63rd annual Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo from June 14 to 16 went off without a hitch.

With all pandemic worries a thing of the past, there’s a new generation of Daines family organizers ensuring the region’s grand annual rodeo continues to shine in both good and bad weather.

“It took one generation to build it in the Daines family. Now the next generation is going to take the bull by the horns and keep it all going,” said Danny Daines, a member of the Daines rodeo organizing committee. “It's the big thing for Innisfail, the surrounding community, whatever direction you go in.

“This is a rodeo at the Daines Ranch rodeo grounds, but it's still all about Innisfail, Alberta.”

Speaking to the Albertan on Saturday (June 15) night Daines was especially excited his family’s grand rodeo was hosted on Father’s Day weekend.

He also proudly noted the scores of extra contestants, including 163 ladies in barrel racing, and another 73 women in a breakaway roping event.

Daines estimated this year’s Daines rodeo had a total of more than 700 entries in all events, and coming from many rodeo hot spots across North America.

“The entry level is extremely good, very high,” said Daines, noting Texas’ Tiany Schuster, the 2017 Calgary Stampede barrel racing champ, was competing at this year’s Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo.  “She's been up here since early May, competing at these rodeos.

“But the big reason she's up here the Calgary Stampede,” added Daines. “She made it through the qualifier the other day in Calgary. You're going to see her run here tonight.”

As for the temperamental weather Daines was quick to point out that rain or shine it did not matter to rodeo fans nor to competitors.

“You know what? It is trying to rain on us and it has rained on us hard in years past but we just deal with it and the rodeo crowd does too. They love the rodeo,” said Daines. “There are always two kinds of rain here at Innisfail, the one that falls out of the sky, and then the bronc rein the bucking horse riders have to hang onto; one hand on the rein and one hand in the air.

“It just comes down to being a cowboy,” he added. “Whatever weather is dealt to you, you just deal with that.”

And from the packed stands on Friday night, when the sun shined brilliantly or on wet Saturday, it was obvious everyone just had a great time.

Moreover, with thousands of competitors and fans coming to the annual Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo, the event remains critically important for the Town of Innisfail; culturally, socially and economically.

“When people come and camp here they got to go into town and get some groceries for the weekend. They might go to the gas station, fill up their tank, and get to see the Town of Innisfail, and what it's all about.,” said Daines. “We really love it here because this is our home, the Daines family.

“We're all born and raised right here in Innisfail, and this is what it's all about.”

Below are the unofficial results released by the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association from the 2024 Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo held from June 14 to 16 at the Daines Ranch.

Bareback riding: 1. Clint Laye, 85 points on C5 Rodeo’s 712 Winning Rose, $1,512.93; 2. Jacob Stemo, 83, $1252.08; 3. (tie) Cole Goodine and Orin Larsen, 82, $860.80 each; 5. Strawbs Jones, 80, $469.53; 6. Kody Lamb, 79, $260.85

Steer wrestling: 1. Baillie Milan, 4.1 seconds, $2,567.61; 2. Dalton Massey, 4.2, $2,353.64; 3. Scott Guenthner, 5.1, $2,068.35; 4. (tie) Jonny Webb and Straws Milan, 5.3, $1,640.41 each; 6. (tie) Landon Beardsworth and Jace Bleil, 5.4, $1,069.84; 8. Matt Richardson, 5.8, $784.55; 9. Jace Melvin, 5.9, $641.90; 10. Brock Butterfield, 6.2, $427.94

Team roping: 1. Dawson Graham/Dillon Graham, 4.3 seconds, $2,360.34 each; 2. Brady Tryan/Calgary Smith, 4.5, $2,163.64; 3. Tyce McLeod/Sid Sporer, 4.8, $1,901.38; 4. Tuftin McLeod/Brady Chappel, 5.2, $1639.12; 5. (tie) Kody Potts/Travis Speer and Logan Spady/Kash Bonnett, 5.6, $1,245.73 each; 7. Riley Warren/Zane Thompson, 5.7, $852.34; 8. Cooper Olson/Denim Fletcher, 5.9, $721.21; 9. Logan Bonnett/Keely Bonnett, 6.4, $590.08; 10. (tie) Jeff Drisner/Daniel Kaiser, 6.5, $393.39

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Lucas Macza, 87.5 points on C5 Rodeo’s 502 North Star and Kole Ashbacher, 87.5 points on C5 Rodeo’s 5206 Shattered Lunatic, $2,627.11 each; 3. (tie) Logan Hay and Ross Griffin, 85, $1,596.87; 5. (tie) Sawyer Eirikson and Layton Green, 84.5, $669.65; 7. Weston Patterson, 83.5, $309.08; 8. Tyrel Roberts, 83, $206.04

Tie down roping: 1. (tie) Haven Meged and Beau Cooper, 7.6 seconds, $2,545.75 each; 3. Kyle Lucas, 7.8, $2,139.91; 4. Bo Pickett, 7.9, $1,844.75; 5. Logan Bird, 8.2, $1549.59; 6. Cooper Resch, 8.3, $1254.43; 7. Austin Hines, 8.4, $959.27; 8. Logan Spady, 8.5, $811.69; 9. JT Adamson, 8.6, $664.11; 10. (tie) Riley Wakefield and Curtis Cassidy, 8.7, $221.37

Ladies barrel racing: 1. Pamela Morrison, 15.72, $3,703.60; 2. Tiany Schuster, 15.79, $3,148.06; 3. Karli Cowie, 15.86, $2,592.52; 4. Lisa Groves, 15.89, $2,222.16; 5. (tie) Lynette Brodoway and Bailee Stanton, 15.92, $1,574.03 each; 7. (tie) Chelsea Moore, Julie Plourde and Brooke Wills,15.95, $771.58; 10. (tie) Jayden Wilson, Bradi Whiteside and Jennifer Kalafatic, 15.96, $462.95

Bull riding: 1. Nick Tetz, 85.5 points on Outlaw Buckers’ 810  Naughty Kisher, $1,873.15; 2. Edgar Durazo, 84.5, $1,538.66; 3. Alison Trindade, 84, $1,204.17; 4. Michael Ostachek, 83.5, $869.67; 5. Grady Young, 81.5, $535.18; 6. Callum Miller, 80, $334.49; 7. Dixon Tattrie, 78.5, $200.69 (no other qualified rides) Ground money: $19.11 each

Breakaway roping: 1. Shaya Biever, 1.6 seconds, $1,861.20; 2. Kendal Pierson, 1.9, $1,706.10; 3. (tie) Brooke Pomeranz and Jessie Armstrong, 2.0, $1,395.90 each; 5. (tie) Brittany Schuk, Lawrie Saunders, Lakota Bird and Bradi Whiteside, 2.1, $801.35; 9. (tie) Bobbi Henderson, Keely Pugh and Chelsea Moore, 2.2, $258.50
* 1.6 seconds - New (unofficial) Canadian BAW Record

Total payout: $106,315.70

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