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Automated Household Gadgets That Save You Time and Keep the House Clean

HOME SWEET HOME – Robot devices are becoming more common and are packed with more features to make life simpler.
Automated Household Gadgets That Save You Time and Keep the House Clean

Robots work for you! They are becoming more common because they can do more. Robot vacuums with mopping systems, and lawn mowers are improving to help get work done. Of course, as the devices become more popular, their manufacturers learn more about what their users want them to do and what makes them a “must have.” What are some of the most important features to consider before spending money on these devices? Let’s take a closer look.

Set Up as You Want

The artificial intelligence in these vacs, mops, and mowers is there to make household chores easier, so one of the most valuable product features is that they think for themselves somewhat. A vacuum cleaner that decides when to stop, when to go, and what it can and can’t pick up is a treasure. Give it a regular schedule and rely on its cameras and sensors that will help the machine know when there is an obstacle in the way so if it needs to raise a little higher, or whether it is mopping up spills, dirt, or dry materials.

Navigation and Mapping

Another important feature of vacuums and lawn mowers is ensuring that they pass over all the floor or the yard, but also that they don’t get trapped or go where they are not meant to go. You don’t want a vacuum to get trapped by an obstacle and bump against it all day, and in the case of a lawn mower you don’t want it to wander out of your yard and into the street. Vacuums have features that allow them to change their course when something gets in the way, and even learns the room. Some have lasers (LIDAR) that send out light pulses to measure the room and create maps. Lawn mowers have GPS satellite positioning systems and a perimeter wire that stops them from going where they shouldn’t.


When you are home all day working with the robot vacuum working away in the background you don’t want too much noise. One feature to check out is the time it takes to do the job, being sure that it does not become a distraction. Eliminate reasons to check on it or worry about it.  A great feature in a robot is the ability to think, to be self-cleaning, and to know when it has taken on too much. You don’t want to hear noises from the motor, or from bumps, or from clogs.

Lawn Mowers

Robot lawn mowers are relatively new to the collection of home smart devices. They are like the vacuums, but there is a bit more to know. It’s important to consider the size of the lawn, the terrain, and the amount of battery that the device will require.

This year, all these devices are building up their features to become even more useful and do even more. There will still be some maintenance required. Keep your old devices for now and keep up with the maintenance on the new ones.

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