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Olds Chiropractic and Massage

Our Practice Philosophy

At Olds Chiropractic and Massage, we are committed to helping people become more active, whatever that may mean for them. For some people, it’s enjoying a sport, for others, it’s working, and for many, it’s playing with their kids or grandkids. Whatever your goals are, our team at Olds Chiropractic and Massage want to help you achieve them by providing care that allows you to live a healthier, more mobile life.

Most people have some amount of stiffness and soreness, whatever their age. Our lives, jobs and technology cause us to use our bodies in repetitive ways or to sit, stand or move in ways that put stress on the spine, joints and soft tissues. We create customized care plans, depending on your specific needs and goals, to help you feel better and move better. Then we incorporate at-home exercises and maintenance care to keep you feeling better.

State of the art Chiropractic care

Our Chiropractors are experienced in providing Chiropractic adjustments as well as using modern methods of care such as Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Spinal decompression, movement screening, Laser therapy and individualized rehabilitation plans.

Making You Feel Safe and Welcome

We’ve been in the same location for decades, and the décor hasn’t changed too much in that time. It’s a very clean, welcoming space with TV to watch during your very short wait time, music playing and front desk staff who have worked here for as long as twenty years. They know nearly everybody, and they’re cheerful, relaxed and welcoming.

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